New Look, New Me.

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Climbing Up the Mountain! It has been quite awhile, hasn’t it? A lot has happened!

I am sorta out on my own, living my own life. I am starting school in the Fall studying General Education at SLCC (no, it isn’t comic con). I will start attending LDS Institute in less than two weeks. Josh and I have been dating for over a year now, and I have since let go of a lot of negative things in my life.

I have thought about deleting this blog and start over, but I felt that I needed to keep working on this one and building it up. I will probably keep editing the look of the page itself for the next little while, working on colors and photos I want to add. Making it more warm and friendly to all that wish to read it.

I have also picked up on a range of new hobbies and (trying to acquire) new skills. I will post about those later. Hopefully I can actually stick to blogging this go around, huh? We shall see!