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Dungeons and Dragons 

Yes, you read the title of the post right. Warning, this is a nerd out post.

 Every Saturday night, Josh, some close friends, and I gather together in character to go on adventures and create amazing memories. As our journey progresses,  we continuously run into a lot of struggles. Not so much in the game, but in real life. Whether it is from someone not being to get their voice in, or we have real arguments. It can help you grow as a person. 

I have overcome a lot of my social anxieties this way. I feel more comfortable and confident in what I say, and create relationships. Currently I am role playing a Half Orc by the name of LauraGash, but she prefers to be called Laura. She is joined by another Half Orc named Wulfrun, a Half Elf named Rowan, a Human named Al, and a Dwarf named Hazumir. Our current quest is to discover what is in the North and why were we recruited to make our way up there. 

We are about 2 to 3 sessions away from finishing this camgain, and then we will start up a new game. 

I truly do love this Tabletop RPG. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world, where I can be free to imagine a world that can come to life for a few hours. I say if you ever wonder about trying it out, gather some friends together and go on an adventure!

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Salt Lake Comic Con: Days 1-3

Sadness… Comic Con is now done! ;’(

I apologize for not posting yesterday for day 1 and 2, it got really crazy and man I was so flippin’ tired. So I will Compile Day 1-3 all into one huge post and share my experience with you!

Day 1. I went to Comic Con as myself, a Otaku/ Nerdy woman that is happy to be there! I was so blessed and beyond excited to meet the English Dubbed voice behind Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemest), Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club), Rin Matsuoka (Free!), Greece (Hetalia) and so many other characters off of various animes, Vic Mignogna. He is so sweet, kind, and he is real with his fans! I got an autograph and talked with him for a moment! He was and is AWESOME! I then did some shopping and found a few family members that were there! It was a great kick off to a wonderful con!

Dean Winchester Cosplay
Dean Winchester Cosplay

Day 2. I went as a gender-bend version of Dean Winchester from Supernatural! (I did have the Mark of Cain on my right forearm!) I was able to meet the girl’s off of the YouTube channel, The Hillywood Show! I bought this sick “Demons Gonna Hate” hat and got a pic with them! They too are so sweet! Then did more shopping and then proceeded to a Photo-Op with Vic Mignogna that my brother had! It was so cool! The funniest thing was when the volunteers were taking our bags and placing them to the side telling us to not give Vic hugs or handshakes, Vic was doing it all anyway! (Vic does what he wants! Can’t help that!) I was another really, REALLY good day! ^_^

Daryl Dixion Cosplay (I made the jacket and Crossbow)
Daryl Dixion Cosplay (I made the jacket and Crossbow)

Day 3. The most hectic day.. I went as another gender-bend, this time, if you can’t tell by the leather biker vest (Which I made) and Crossbow (also made) I went as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. We were able to get in pretty quick since we had Gold Passes (just below VIP). We (my brother and I) really wanted to see Vic again and buy one of his CD’s. However, he had a panel shortly after getting there. We wanted to see it before anything else! On our way there, guess who passed me in the hall… CHRIS FREAKING EVANS. Captain America. Passed me. In the hallway. Along with the 8 security escorts around him, but it was CHRIS EVANS.

Off track! Anyway, Vic’s panel was so much fun! He was walking down the aisles, making us all who were there laugh, cry (it got real for a few which was good!) and cheer for an hour or so. Then we went right back to his booth. (He asked us all who were at the Panel to go to the booth so that we could show Chris Evans that we know who Vic was) (Some stars who were there didn’t know who Vic was! They all lose house points!) So we did! And when he came out, we all screamed! Which made Vic’s face light up and he jumped on to the table and blew a kiss over towards Chris Evan’s booth! (Anime fans are the best!)
He loved this button I was wearing of Rin Matsuoka I got on Friday and took a picture of it! I bought his CD and was able to get another pic with him, WHILE HUGGING HIM! (Fangirlish squeal) He said I was a pro-hugger >////<
I then went shopping for one last thing and then left the Con.
All the Merch I bought at SLCC!!

I was so bummed that it was over but SO HAPPY that I was able to participate in it!
I love SLCC! I so look forward to FanX beginning usually in the spring and then Salt Lake Comic Con in the fall!
Have an awesome rest of your weekend guys!
May the force be with YOU.

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Salt Lake Comic Con: Day 1: Opening Day!!!

GEEKS ASSEMBLE! It is the first day for SLCC! I am beyond excited! There is so much to do! This is like a vacation for me! XD

Day 1 outfit! Make Pasta Not War! Hetalia! I got it at HotTopic and the Necklace is Russia! A charm I got from a keychain ^_^
Day 1 outfit! Make Pasta Not War! Hetalia! I got it at HotTopic and the Necklace is Russia! A charm I got from a keychain ^_^

I am showing off my Hetalia Pride for the first day and I have also pulled together a Salt Lake Comic Con Pack for surviving the Con 🙂 I also made that Prussia Mochi, why? Because PRUSSIA IS AWESOME!

My personal SLCC survival pack!
My personal SLCC survival pack!

1. Backpack! For carrying my goods and for any merch I buy over the next three days!
2.Kindle/Tablet! Necessary if I need to pass the time by playing FNaF4. (Five Nights at Freddy’s 4)
3. Manga! I like to read, what can I say? If I don’t want to play a game, I’ll read!
4. Wallet! Need the coin for goods, wears, and transport!
5. Power Supply! If I cant find a wall socket, I’ll be thankful to have the portable power supply for emergency phone/ipod charging!
6.Phone/Ipod! For contacts (Never know if you make a new friend!) and music to help pass the time!
7. Guide! To know times for panels!
8. Headphones! Always carry a back up pair! For music!
9. Water Bottle! Need the H2O when you are constantly walking and hot days! Stay Hydrated!
10. Pass/Ticket! You need this more than anything if you wish to enter the Con!
11. Keys! For your car. And to get back into your house… Those are just as important!

This is just the first post for many more to come over the next three days! I am so excited!
See you all soon!

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A Nice Break

Reading The Way of Kings by: Brandon Sanderson. Made this bookmark! Found this on Pinterest Via Tumblr on Queen of RusAme's page
Reading The Way of Kings by: Brandon Sanderson. Made this pic a bookmark! Found this on Pinterest Via Tumblr on Queen of RusAme’s page

After working two graveyards and forgetting what day it is, it feels so nice to do absolutely nothing. How often do we forget to just be still? I see fully once again how easy it is to keep going and going without taking any time to be still for awhile and refocus our lives. Not only that, to appreciate the things that we love and often take for granted.
I was more than happy to curl up reading a book and get a little crafty with making a bookmark from one of my most favorite Anime shows and Manga series, Hetalia! (created by Himaruya Hidekaz) It is beyond hilarious with stereotypical personified countries! (I’ll do an Anime/Manga post in the future I’m sure!)
It is still a struggle trying to get used to graveyard shifts and trying to get some gym time in. Hopefully it will get easier!
I am so grateful that I have the night off where I can get some family time and sleep time in! I hope you all are doing well and are having an awesome weekend!

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Author Spotlight: Brandon Sanderson

My little gathering of Brandon's books, The Mistborn Adventure Game, and A small vile with an Atium bead (The most expensive and valuable metals in the Mistborn Books)
My little gathering of Brandon’s books, The Mistborn Adventure Game, and A small vile with an Atium bead (The most expensive and valuable metal in the Mistborn Books)

Happy day to you my fellow climbers! It is almost the weekend and Salt Lake Comic Con is a week away! *Happy Dance*

I want to share with you all one of my all-time favorite Authors. Brandon Sanderson definitely rates up to my top 5 easily. I don’t have a certain order for them but his books are all in my top 5 favorite books!

I actually met Brandon at Comic Con back in 2014, I was so nervous and excited to meet him! He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met.
I was first introduced to one Sanderson’s works through my Uncle who is an avid reader. He asked if I ever read the Mistborn Series. I said no, but asked what it was about. He explained it to me where he didn’t spoil anything and said I should check it out.

Not long after, I go to Barnes & Noble (my home away from home!) and found the first book titled Mistborn. I started to read it and I immediately fell in love with it! I listened to the rest of it on audio and my uncle lent us his hard drive that had the rest of the series on audiobook! Then my Uncle told me that there was an Adventure RPG (role playing game) based off the books. I IMMEDIATELY found it on Amazon and bought it! (I am not obsessed I swear!)

I listened to them while I worked, traveled, slept, and in my free time. Then after listening to them, knowing every detail of them, I decided to check out some more of Sanderson’s works. The next book I found was Warbreaker, and again, I fell in love with it! As of right now, I am downloading The Rithmatist and look forward to this adventure!

Brandon Sanderson has made a huge impact on my life, mostly through the Mistborn series. It was because no matter how dark times may be, there is always hope for a brighter and better tomorrow.

I highly recommend Brandon Sanderson’s works to you! Especially if you are a fan of fantasy!

Keep climbing your mountains and make everyday matter!


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Flashback to the 90’s

Hey Climbers,
How many of you remember the 90’s? Probably a few of you. I do! Especially when I watched Michelle’s newest make up and fashion video! Oh my goodness, I started recalling waking up early to catch Sailor Moon episodes, One Saturday Morning, playing with my Game Boy Color, eating French Toast Crunch (I about had a flip out in the local grocery store when I saw the box on the shelf!) and when I had Lisa Frank school folders, pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, and backpacks! Oh my gosh, I loved the 90’s and you can take a journey to the past with this tutorial that Michelle Phan created called: 90’s Nostalgia!

Have an awesome Monday everyone 🙂

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Random Collection!

Okay so it is a little random but hey! That’s how I roll!
I said that I a bit of a nerd, which is true! But I thought that I would share with you one of my collections! (I have a few but I’ll start with one :3)

Loki: Agent of Asgard collection :) So proud!
Loki: Agent of Asgard collection 🙂 So proud!

I LOVE LOKI!!!! I will not deny it! I am not a ashamed! I am a proud member of Loki’s Army! (Okay now that’s out of the way)
When I heard that Loki was getting a comic book, I quickly got over to a local comic book store and had them reserve one for me. Ever since, every two weeks, I’ll go get the next in the series. Needless to say, it is growing rather quickly. Because of my love for Loki, I am now the Marvel Fanatic in my group of friends and when they want to know something Marvel related, they come to me. (I accepted the title!)
There you have it! Another nerdy post! I said they were coming… and they will continue to do so!
Have an AMAZING SATURDAY! I’ll see you all Monday!