Life Lesson: Budgeting 

Hey guys! I thought I would do a little thing about Budgeting. I am really big on the importance of Budgeting! This was something that I was only taught for a brief moment in high school. And it was never spoken of again, which I think needs to change. I was taught about Budgeting from my mom, who learned it from her friend and Dave Ramsey. So I devised this system, which I saw on pinter estate a while ago. 

The Envelope System!

I took envelopes and wrote on each one what they are to be used for. Since I just started this, there are only four. But I will make one for gas, food, and date night! It’s seriously important to know where your ,only is going, especially if you live pay check to pay check. Out of experience, if you budget, you’ll see that there is a little more money in your pocket and less thus face looking at your bank account 😨😱

There are many different budget systems out there, this one just happens to work for me! What are some of your favorite Budgeting systems??

Always, Bailey 🦄