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This Last Week in a Nutshell

Thank goodness that it is Friday!

It felt like that it would never come. This week, well that last two weeks, have been INSANE! A lot of things have happened. From unexpected company, to a mental break down, to anxiety attacks and ending it all with hope.

Last week, we had 5 extended family members show up, that needed a place to stay for a few days. We all thought that it would be alright, our house isn’t very big. Well, a few days (like that were discussed.) Turned into 5 days. It was hectic to say the least.

Once they were gone, I fell apart. I went through a very nasty break down. I am not going to go into details about what happened. Let’s just say that I got a first hand experience in disciplining. I wasn’t expecting to play “Mom” while everyone was here. I also was going through some day to day stresses.

Josh and I took the weekend of last week to re-cooperate our strength in playing House. Ā He wasn’t feeling well, I was feeling well. It wasn’t pretty. Then it moved into this week.

It went off very well! I had a job interview and was told “Welcome Aboard!” at the end! *Insert Fist Pump* Then it went a little rough, with the concern for the well being for a very dear friend of mine. I will not go into that.

This is when the rest of the week began to wind down. I did my laundry, the weather was beautiful enough for me to hang my sheets outside to dry. I began working super hard on Christmas gifts, even made my own Pattern for a afghan that I wanted to make!

Until I started to not feel well again. It has piled up. I felt that I was falling into despair. I thought that I wasn’t going to have enough money for school this semester, I thought that I there was something wrong with me because things were going right. But that’s when I needed to take a serious step back and look at the big picture.


I am only in control of a few things, I can’t control the rest of the world. I took SEVERAL deep breaths, and kept pressing forward. I DO have enough money for school, I am fine. Stressed? More than likely. But I am fine. If it weren’t for my essential oils, I would have gotten a LOT worse.

Then to make things better, another friend of mine showed me a link to a charity/service project going on within the next few months. It’s called Click for Babies!


If you crochet and knit, go to: http://www.clickforbabies.org This is a wonderful project to help spread awareness of the Period of Purple Crying to prevent shaken and abusive head trauma in babies. It is amazing! I am going to be participating in this as well! Check to see if your state is on the list! If not, don’t let that stop you! If you have a relative living in a participating state, see if they would be willing to take your caps to a drop off station! You can also donate yarn! Just needs to be purple!

I hope you all have an amazing Friday and weekend!


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Rough Night Help

Hey y’all!

How’s your Saturday going?

Josh and I made it to our destination yesterday! But like most people, once you get to where you’re going, and you’ve been cooped up in a car, you are pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

When I am winding down for the day, I generally just like to turn on Netflix or YouTube and zonk out. Sometimes that isn’t enough. My mind will run and run keeping me awake and alert. Two things you don’t want to be feeling when you are trying to- oh I don’t know- sleep?!

That’s when I pull out my essential oils and a good book šŸ™‚

I am currently reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, I am posting my current locations on Goodreads. Along with putting breathe on my chest, lavender on my wrists, I start to feel the effects. Even then, I may need some help, only when I am away from home, that’s when I turn to the Serenity blend. Within 15 mins, I am out.

What do you guys do to help you sleep?


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That Time of Year

Well its tbat time of year again, colors on the trees are changing, the air is getting colder, days getting shorter, and everyone is getting sick! Myself included.. šŸ˜· Sore throat and congestion are my symptoms today,  they started last night and followed me into waking up. That’s the worst if you ask me. I know I’m not the only one who hates getting sick, since I don’t get sick very often, it seems twice as bad when I come down with the cold or flu bug. But I do have my saving remedies work when I do get down like this! 

I love doTERRA oils (like I’ve mentioned in the past) but this On Guard + kicks button! Now I haven’t been very good in the taking this on a daily basis part, but when I first started getting sick, this helped stop it from getting worse. And it’s been helping today! I took one tablet this morning and I’ll take another tonight with dinner. However, if I don’t improve, I have a recipe for a Cold Bomb standing by at the ready šŸ’Ÿ 

Stay healthy and safe out in this beautiful time of year!

Always, Bailey.

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Blood Type Diet?

Hey everyone! Long time, no post… Sorry about that! But let’s just swing right into it!

This is a topicĀ that I learned about not too long ago.

Remember how I was taking the steps to eat and live Vegan’s diet? Believe it or not, IĀ got sick, really sick. I was tired all the time, I felt like I was going to pass out, and I was moving at a snails pace. This began when I was about 2 weeks into the diet. I figured that it was just my body going through withdrawals, and that it would pass. It didn’t. I got sicker. I was having constant headaches (No matter what I did, from medicine to essential oils, these headaches did NOT go away), I began to sleep more and more, andĀ I didn’t feel like doing anything, I just wanted to sleep.Ā Then one day, I decided to eat some grilled chicken that my dad made, because I was too tired to make something to eat. A day later, I felt energy was restored and I woke up without a headache. I thought that this was really strange, because I thought that going Vegan would make me feel good, but it didn’t, I felt like I was withering away. (This was a few months ago)

Earlier this month, I was thinking back to this event. I happened to voice this to my family and wanted their input. My aunt then said, “Well, what’s your blood type?” I paused and answered, “I’m O-. Why?” She then told me that it may have something to do with my blood type. I am not lying when I say, I thought that it was kind of silly. It wasn’t so silly when my mom decided to go digging for herself.

It turns out that, Type O’s should be on a High Protein diet. It is said that Type O’s are the oldest of the blood types. This blood type goes to the first beings, The Hunters. This can also go into what kind of exercises you should do. Type O’s thrive on physical exercise like physical contact sports, running, and aerobics. When it comes to food, Type O’s should eat lean, organic meats, fruits, and veggies. And avoid dairy and gluten (wholeĀ wheat and grainsĀ in general) products. (Which makes me sad because I LOVE bread and milk) But it explains that when I drink milk, especially in the morning, I have serious discomfort where I feel bloated. But because of the gluten, it can cause major weight gain and difficulty when it comes to losing weight!

After hearing all this, it makes way more sense as to why I got so sick, and why losing weight has been such a struggle for me my whole life. So I have decided to give this a try. Want to see what is best for your blood type? Visit http://www.dadamo.com/ this is where my mom found the information and what I should do for my body. It will go into detail about your blood type and what you need to eat and not eat. Along with what exercise you should do for yourself!

Have a wonderful day and a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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Cold/Flu Season & A New Look

I love DoTerra Oils! Especially when  you need a fast acting remedy!
I love DoTerra Oils! Especially when you need a fast acting remedy!

One of my favorite months has arrived! I absolutely LOVE October, not only for Halloween (Favorite Holiday next to Christmas!) but because the leaves start to change and the air is crisp in the mornings. Also, it is becoming sweater weather ^_^.
However, it also means that the Flu and Cold bugs are out and about. Yeah… I kinda caught something. Luckily it is just a head cold, but none the less, it is trying to beat me down -.- (I blame Comic Con… all those people and there were a few people that were sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths…)
And with having a job, I don’t want to be down and out!
Then I remembered a time last year when I was stuck with a nasty cold. It was not bad like the Flu can be, but it was still a nasty thing. My parents are in with selling DoTerra oils and they suggested that I try Oregano oil in a capsule to see if it can help in putting it to an end. Since Tylenol wasn’t doing much, I thought why not?
I was back on my feet within 2-3 days. Along with taking the On Guard Protective Blend, I was able to keep from getting sick again when the bug ran through the family.
So here I am again! Back on this powerful regiment! I also just recently got my Flu Shot, but that won’t take effect until another week and a half. (Still sticking to the regiment! 1 On Guard and 1 Oregano capsule a day)

Also, I am going to be making a few changes on this blog, as you can see, I made the home page different! (Change is good!)
Since I want to take my health, physical and mental, to the next level, I wanted to be able to make my blog feel more like how I want to live. This means there will be more posts about how I’m taking steps to getting to my physical, mental, and spiritual goals. From inspirational quotes, activities I am doing, and ways I am finding inner peace and self discovery. I will still post about my unique quirks and nerdy habits, but there will be just more variety in posts!
Let’s have an amazing week my friends! See you later!