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Fitness Friday: Gangnam Cardio

Happy Friday Climbers!
Another week down! Hope you all had an amazing week and you made it to the top of one of your mountains!
For this weeks Fitness Friday, do you want to get your heart pumping hard and sweat like you ran 10 miles? I know you do. SO! Give this awesome video from Blogilates a shot!

I love it when Cassey makes videos like this! It makes working out fun and you get so much more out of it than sprinting on the treadmill (if you ask me anyway)
Have an awesome Friday and I will see you tomorrow! Be safe, be strong, and be YOU!

Fitness · Fitness Fridays

Fitness Friday: Gentleman Challenge by Blogilates

TGIF! Woo! Another whole week down! Boy do I hurt today… I can barely stand from the workout I did yesterday, which is good!
For Fitness Friday, how about a favorite workout video? It is The Gentleman Challenge by Blogilates’ Cassey Ho. MAN! This work out seriously works your buns off!
Want to work your tricepts, back, gluts, and legs? Look no further!

Can you handle the burn?!
Give it a shot if you want 🙂
Have a very happy Friday mountain climbers!
~Love Bailey


It’s been a while…

Finally, after months of not posting to this blog, here I am! A lot has happened over the course of the rest of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. I left my job at a restaurant where I was very unhappy and went instead to work at a grocery store where I am more than happy to be! I have made an effort to stop drinking soda and take steps in becoming healthier, due to this, I feel so much better! I have been watching Blogilates by Cassey Ho on YouTube and following her work out videos daily! I am so excited to be working towards a better self! I also have been watching what I eat. I haven’t had a donut in a month (Halleluiah!) and instead replace sweets with fruit! It’s all about baby steps. I’ll do my best to keep this blog more up-to-date! Peace ❤