Motivational Mondays

Motivational Monday

I am going to start doing these little tidbits called, Motivational Mondays, because I feel that since it is the start of a new week, it is always good to kick it off right with a little love and encouragement.

Found this on Pinterest!
Found this on Pinterest!

This week, take the time to reflect on what makes you happy. Not what makes others happy, what makes YOU happy. Sometimes, we get caught up in wanting to please others, we forget about ourselves and how we feel in situations. This week, I am going to do what I know I love, I am going to draw, spend time with my family, serve my Heavenly Father, and work on making myself better. (Physically and Mentally)
What are you going to do? What makes your soul happy?
Let’s have a great Monday and an AMAZING week!
Keep dreaming!
❤ ~ Bailey


It’s so… Cosmic

I have been loving galaxy based things lately! From nails art to pictures on Pinterest, it is all so beautiful and it’s inspiring to me.

Michelle Phan along with Desi Perkins, Christen Dominique, Chrisspy, and Katy DeGroot-Lustrelux, shows us some ways to bring this cosmic world into our wardrobe, onto our nails, in our hair, and into our make-up inspiration! Check all of these lovely ladies on YouTube!
Stay beautiful!

Dreams · Travel

Wanting to Wander

Today, just after I clocked out from another day at work, I was taking the time to admire the beautiful afternoon that we were graced with. I then felt this sense of Wanderlust.


Now in my “About Me” I said that I am kind of a hippie. I have learned in recent years, that my Mom’s has gypsy blood (it is way back in the blood lines somewhere) Due to this, I have always had this sense to wander. This is one of my dreams, I want to see the world. I want to see places like London, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Japan, and Korea. I have seen so many pictures of Big Ben and the Eifel Tower growing up, that I so badly want to see them in person. One day, I intend to make this dream a reality. As long as I go after my dream, I can one day catch it.
Always chase your dreams, no matter what. Even if someone tries to stop you or hold your back. They are your dreams for a reason, don’t let them die.
Keep dreaming!
<3~ Bailey