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Appreciating Nature

Hey Climbers 🙂

How is everyone enjoying the crisp fall weather? I’m so loving it! I have been loving it so much, I am finding myself more and more outside and taking it all in.
To me, nature is my personal escape from the ever fast moving world. Even though I can’t always escape to the mountains, I can still find the simplicity and beauty of nature in my backyard.

Seeing Honey Bees hard at work <3
Seeing Honey Bees hard at work ❤

Being able to watch bees work is something so fascinating and can be under appreciated.

It seems that more and more butterflies are vanishing. I was so grateful to sneak up on this beauty.


What I love also about nature is that you don’t always have to leave it behind, it can be brought into the home as well.

My absolute favorite flower!
My absolute favorite flower!

Sunflowers are my personal favorite and go to. I found them at my local grocery store and bought them immediately. From a young age, whenever I was having a bad day or was having anxiety, there always seemed to be sunflowers around and they would either cheer me up, and calm me down. It was odd, at first, because where ever I was, there where sunflowers. But now, if I find it as a personal message and gift from Heavenly Father as a emblem of pressing on, and to never give up. Because there is always a better and brighter day ahead.
I hope you all have a wonderful day! See you in Nature!