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Reading Challenge 2017

We are almost into June! And this means that summer is quickly descending upon us!

This also means that we are half way through the year (at the end of June). And on the wonderful site of Goodreads, I am on my way of completing my Reading Challenge! I have personally challenged myself to read at least 6 books by the end of the year.

If I can read more, then wonderful! The only problem I have is that I want to read several things at a time! I have at least four different books that I am reading in tandem. This is one of my biggest struggles when it comes to reading. I am not the only one in my family to struggle with that. Sorry, I’m going off topic!

So, I have read 2 out of 6 books already this year! Not all hope is lost! You can see my current reads on the sidebar if you want to see what I am up to! If you have any challenges you are making for yourself, I wish you the best of luck!!!! Whatever they may be!


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Memorial Day Get Together

Happy Memorial day weekend everyone!

Today, Josh, my grandparents and I took off to Delta, Utah to take flowers to our loved ones who are no longer with us. And to my surprise, visit with family. It was awesome! Josh and I learned from one of my great uncles that they had some kittens out back in their wood pile. Thinking that it would be fun to see them, we went looking for them. 

To be honest, I didn’t think that they were going to be there. Whether they wouldn’t come out or maybe they moved out to the neighboring fields. And I was wrong. There were four kittens! Josh and I noticed they were thirsty and hungry. Over the span of an hour, we gave them chicken and water. They immediately warmed up to us! 

It was quite an adventure for us today. How grateful I was to spend it with people I love and care for. While making some new feline friends 🐱

Two of the four kittens we saw today!
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Dungeons and Dragons 

Yes, you read the title of the post right. Warning, this is a nerd out post.

 Every Saturday night, Josh, some close friends, and I gather together in character to go on adventures and create amazing memories. As our journey progresses,  we continuously run into a lot of struggles. Not so much in the game, but in real life. Whether it is from someone not being to get their voice in, or we have real arguments. It can help you grow as a person. 

I have overcome a lot of my social anxieties this way. I feel more comfortable and confident in what I say, and create relationships. Currently I am role playing a Half Orc by the name of LauraGash, but she prefers to be called Laura. She is joined by another Half Orc named Wulfrun, a Half Elf named Rowan, a Human named Al, and a Dwarf named Hazumir. Our current quest is to discover what is in the North and why were we recruited to make our way up there. 

We are about 2 to 3 sessions away from finishing this camgain, and then we will start up a new game. 

I truly do love this Tabletop RPG. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world, where I can be free to imagine a world that can come to life for a few hours. I say if you ever wonder about trying it out, gather some friends together and go on an adventure!


New Look, New Me.

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Climbing Up the Mountain! It has been quite awhile, hasn’t it? A lot has happened!

I am sorta out on my own, living my own life. I am starting school in the Fall studying General Education at SLCC (no, it isn’t comic con). I will start attending LDS Institute in less than two weeks. Josh and I have been dating for over a year now, and I have since let go of a lot of negative things in my life.

I have thought about deleting this blog and start over, but I felt that I needed to keep working on this one and building it up. I will probably keep editing the look of the page itself for the next little while, working on colors and photos I want to add. Making it more warm and friendly to all that wish to read it.

I have also picked up on a range of new hobbies and (trying to acquire) new skills. I will post about those later. Hopefully I can actually stick to blogging this go around, huh? We shall see!


Life Lesson: Budgeting 

Hey guys! I thought I would do a little thing about Budgeting. I am really big on the importance of Budgeting! This was something that I was only taught for a brief moment in high school. And it was never spoken of again, which I think needs to change. I was taught about Budgeting from my mom, who learned it from her friend and Dave Ramsey. So I devised this system, which I saw on pinter estate a while ago. 

The Envelope System!

I took envelopes and wrote on each one what they are to be used for. Since I just started this, there are only four. But I will make one for gas, food, and date night! It’s seriously important to know where your ,only is going, especially if you live pay check to pay check. Out of experience, if you budget, you’ll see that there is a little more money in your pocket and less thus face looking at your bank account 😨😱

There are many different budget systems out there, this one just happens to work for me! What are some of your favorite Budgeting systems??

Always, Bailey 🦄

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That Time of Year

Well its tbat time of year again, colors on the trees are changing, the air is getting colder, days getting shorter, and everyone is getting sick! Myself included.. 😷 Sore throat and congestion are my symptoms today,  they started last night and followed me into waking up. That’s the worst if you ask me. I know I’m not the only one who hates getting sick, since I don’t get sick very often, it seems twice as bad when I come down with the cold or flu bug. But I do have my saving remedies work when I do get down like this! 

I love doTERRA oils (like I’ve mentioned in the past) but this On Guard + kicks button! Now I haven’t been very good in the taking this on a daily basis part, but when I first started getting sick, this helped stop it from getting worse. And it’s been helping today! I took one tablet this morning and I’ll take another tonight with dinner. However, if I don’t improve, I have a recipe for a Cold Bomb standing by at the ready 💟 

Stay healthy and safe out in this beautiful time of year!

Always, Bailey.


Give Love… 💕

Hi Everyone, it’s been a long time since I posted on here in fact it looks like the last time I posted it was a year ago next month. A lot has happened in between now and then. I started going to therapy to help get over a lot of trama that I’ve gone through in my life, and I’ve also been able to manage my anxiety to where I feel like I can function like…. I’m not going to say a normal human being… but to where I can function like a 22 year old young women. Something else that happened earlier this year I ended up meeting a guy that I used to know from school we went out for a couple months and then we went through a silent breakup. Which wasn’t too hard thankfully, because I knew it was coming and I had accepted it, which I believe made it a little bit easier. None the less, it sucked. 

Then I want to say about a month later started to spend time witho friend I had made over the period of time, and we are now into our fourth month of dating and I have never been happier! He has taken me, a girl who has had a very very rough past, a rough life, and has been hurt, and has made her feel so strong, so worthwhile, and so unconditionally loved. He has accepted me for my quirks, for my randomness, and he loves me for who I am! I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for him, he puts up with so much… because even though I can manage my anxiety, it’s still flares up but at the end of the day he can still hold me in his arms, kisses me on the forehead, and tells me with so much confidence and surety that he loves me and I believe him. 

I never expected this to happen to me. For the longest time I dreamed about falling in love with a man who was head over heels for me and then I would get married. But  at the time I wasn’t really dating it seemed “Out Of Reach” and I tried to have faith that Heavenly Father has a plan for me. A part of me accepted that I just may not ever date or get married and I was okay with that… now I am hopelessly in love with a man who is extraordinary it makes me feel extraordinary. The point of this post is that hope is not lost when it comes to finding love. We all have someone out there who needs love.

 Whether it’s someone who needs a friend, someone who needs a brother, someone who needs a sister, who needs a mom, who needs a dad, and sometimes that someone who needs a soul mate. Someone that they can call their own. We all have a soulmate out there and sometimes there are those who never find them but that doesn’t mean that our love shouldn’t be forgotten, where we can’t reach out to someone who needs it. For a long time, I was very bitter about the thought because I didn’t have it. As I look back on the last several months, in fact the last year, I have given my love to so many people. Some were grateful for it, some took advantage of it, and others embraced it, reflected it, and reached out to either me or to someone else. Don’t let your love go,  embrace it, for it is one of the most powerful emotions that Heavenly Father has given us has given you.

I want to try to get my blogging back up, because I have a very close friend of mine that I made at work who wants to get into blogging. She may even want to start a YouTube channel where she does daily Vlogs of her and her husband. I want to be able to Blog, not necessarily alongside her but so that she has a blogging buddy. I’m very excited to get back to taking care of my page and to be able to share my daily life or weekly life with everyone. Now that I’ve really gotten over a lot of insecurities and anxieties about this blog I may start posting more pictures of me and of who I am. For a long time I was very afraid of putting my picture up on my blog because I didn’t want everyone to know what I look like. It’s very very weird putting this out there but there doesn’t need to be all this mystery, because this is who I am this is me these are my daily Misadventures. And I want to thank to all of those who take the time, or have taken the time I should say, to read my posts and to be reading this as a matter of fact. It’s kind of cool seeing how one can connect with someone that they’ve never met before. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

To finish off the post Salt Lake Comic Con starts in 2 days so I will be doing posts about Comic Con and sharing with you the awesomeness of being a freakin nerd, because that’s what I am! A huge nerd! 

Sincerely, Bailey 😘