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Trip to Cedar City

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!

How was your guys’ weekend? I hope it was good, and your Monday wasn’t horrible!

Josh and I are back from our mini vacation from Cedar City… and we are glad to be back home, but we will be going back soon! After all, in little Utah over here, Cedar City is home to SUU (Southern Utah University) and that means… it is the home of the Shakespeare Festival! We are hoping to be back there at least in Fall!!! I am dedicating today’s blog to the adventures we had in Cedar! Without anymore delay, here it is!

Collage 2017-06-06 14_05_00

We started our trip the day after getting there, heading up to the mountains. It was so cool and the air was fresh, it felt like I was at home. Cedar was really hot, so being up there was refreshing. The top picture was taken overlooking Navajo Lake, where we saw two Bald Eagles flying over the water! The bottom picture is on a ledge of the mountain where you can see Zion’s National Park! How cool is that??


We spent a lot of time in town. We walked the grounds of Southern Utah University, made our way to a small used book store, and to 1 stop shop comic book store. To finish off our adventure, we went out to the desert hills, where a shooting range lays hidden away from civilization.

The bottom right corner photo was taken on top of Cedar Mountain where there are fields of Lava Flows! Fun fact: Navajo Lake, Utah is there as a result of a volcanic explosion, and is resting on a bed of limestone! It is also connected to Cascade Falls!

We are falling more and more in love with Cedar, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we move there!

Have you ever been to Cedar City?

We look forward to our next adventure down in the Cedar Hills, if you ever get the chance, head there to see the beauty of nature, especially if you are heading through town!



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Packing Up!


To continue where I left off on what I do to pack… I love making lists to help improve what I NEED to take verses what I WANT to take. It helps my also stay focused, this way I don’t fill my bag up with useless things I need for my trip!


I will never leave without packing my doTERRA oils! I generally put these in my purse with me, but these are what keeps my together when taking trips, no matter how far. I have two personal blends, then my Breathe and Lavender, along with my PastTense and InTune for headaches and anxiety attacks.


I find that toiletries can either make or break the trip. I have left the house leaving so many things I needed behind. Once I left my shampoo and conditioner behind and had to buy some. I dunno about you, but I would rather save that money for something else. I’ve gotta say, sometimes you should pack a little more, to save you a whole lot less. If that makes any sense at all!!!

After getting everything packed up into my purse and suitcase, all that is left is to load up the car and get going, which we will be doing in the morning! Again, this trip isn’t very long, but I want to enjoy more of it!


Do you have any summer trips you are taking this year??

How do you prepare for your trips?




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Upcoming Trip!

Happy Thursday everyone!
Josh and I have a mini trip coming up on Friday and we both are getting ready for it today. We are heading down to Southern Utah for a baby blessing on Sunday! I am so excited on the account that we are going to be seeing my family again after 2 months. It isn’t a super long vacay however, but none the less!

At this moment, I am downloading a couple books to my tablet and waiting for some laundry to finish drying. I am so particular when it comes to making sure everything is clean before leaving. That way when I come back, everything is nice and not more to do when I get to unpacking.

I thought it would be kind fun to list what I like to take with me when I go on a trip!

  • Phone: I don’t think I need to list why I take it… So I can stay in touch with people so they know I am alright while traveling! Duh! Along with social media and news. 😉
  • Tablet: I download all my audio books to it along with my music!
  • Laptop: It is way easier to update my blog via Laptop, also in case I want to play some games!
  • doTERRA oils: I ALWAYS travel with my essential oils and oil blends. I don’t want to be without them if I have a panic attack or start to feel icky.
  • Book: I NEVER travel without taking a book with me.
  •  Sketchbook and Pencils: You never know when inspiration is going to strike. When an image comes to mind I want to draw, I am ready!

I will post a little more once I get the laundry done and can get things rolling! Mostly like what I am taking with me and a little Packing Segment..thing!


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Wanting to Wander

Today, just after I clocked out from another day at work, I was taking the time to admire the beautiful afternoon that we were graced with. I then felt this sense of Wanderlust.


Now in my “About Me” I said that I am kind of a hippie. I have learned in recent years, that my Mom’s has gypsy blood (it is way back in the blood lines somewhere) Due to this, I have always had this sense to wander. This is one of my dreams, I want to see the world. I want to see places like London, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Japan, and Korea. I have seen so many pictures of Big Ben and the Eifel Tower growing up, that I so badly want to see them in person. One day, I intend to make this dream a reality. As long as I go after my dream, I can one day catch it.
Always chase your dreams, no matter what. Even if someone tries to stop you or hold your back. They are your dreams for a reason, don’t let them die.
Keep dreaming!
<3~ Bailey