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Knitting: Past Time and Relief


Hey Y’all! It’s Hump Day! Almost through the week!!

It’s about time that I make a new post. I have a few ideas in the back pocket, but here is one that I have been thinking about posting for the last few days.

My family has been going through a lot over the last few weeks. My dad’s health isn’t great, my hunt for a job could be better, and we had a tragic death in the family. I also have been struggling with something I have re-discovered about myself. I’ll do a post on that later, after I do some more research.

Even with the bad, there has been some good too. Josh’s niece was in town and we got to spend some time with her, and his family. I’ve starting meditating again and I have been starting to feel better about my situation now.

But one of the things that has been helping me get through this difficult time has been knitting! I picked up knitting almost 5 years ago, by watching YouTube videos. You see, my family crochets. My mom, my grandma, my great-grandma’s, and it goes on and on. Even my brother can crochet! Me? Nope. For the life of me, I cannot crochet. I decided to give knitting a try, but my family cant knit. Or at least they find it difficult. (I understand that struggle.)

So I grabbed my phone, and found how to knit videos, and I picked it up extremely fast! I can’t knit many things, but I am really good at scarfs! 😉

The reason I am posting about it, is that I find knitting to one of my escapes from my anxiety and depression. I am always finding different things to cope with my short comings, and without medication.

And the other day, Josh’s niece asked me if I had any favorite hobbies. I told her a long list of things, then I mentioned that I knew how to knit. Before I could ask her another question, she gasped in excitement asking if I would teach her how to knit too.

I love when you can pass down skills like knitting, sewing, and other like hobbies that our ancestors relied on to survive.

Do any of you knit? How did you learn? How long have you been knitting? Feel free to leave a comment!

I will talk to you all later! Have a great day!


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Author Spotlight: Brandon Sanderson

My little gathering of Brandon's books, The Mistborn Adventure Game, and A small vile with an Atium bead (The most expensive and valuable metals in the Mistborn Books)
My little gathering of Brandon’s books, The Mistborn Adventure Game, and A small vile with an Atium bead (The most expensive and valuable metal in the Mistborn Books)

Happy day to you my fellow climbers! It is almost the weekend and Salt Lake Comic Con is a week away! *Happy Dance*

I want to share with you all one of my all-time favorite Authors. Brandon Sanderson definitely rates up to my top 5 easily. I don’t have a certain order for them but his books are all in my top 5 favorite books!

I actually met Brandon at Comic Con back in 2014, I was so nervous and excited to meet him! He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met.
I was first introduced to one Sanderson’s works through my Uncle who is an avid reader. He asked if I ever read the Mistborn Series. I said no, but asked what it was about. He explained it to me where he didn’t spoil anything and said I should check it out.

Not long after, I go to Barnes & Noble (my home away from home!) and found the first book titled Mistborn. I started to read it and I immediately fell in love with it! I listened to the rest of it on audio and my uncle lent us his hard drive that had the rest of the series on audiobook! Then my Uncle told me that there was an Adventure RPG (role playing game) based off the books. I IMMEDIATELY found it on Amazon and bought it! (I am not obsessed I swear!)

I listened to them while I worked, traveled, slept, and in my free time. Then after listening to them, knowing every detail of them, I decided to check out some more of Sanderson’s works. The next book I found was Warbreaker, and again, I fell in love with it! As of right now, I am downloading The Rithmatist and look forward to this adventure!

Brandon Sanderson has made a huge impact on my life, mostly through the Mistborn series. It was because no matter how dark times may be, there is always hope for a brighter and better tomorrow.

I highly recommend Brandon Sanderson’s works to you! Especially if you are a fan of fantasy!

Keep climbing your mountains and make everyday matter!


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Plants: My World Wednesday

Baby Groot has a friend now ^_^ I made groot myself with polymer clay following a tutorial I found on YouTube by NerdEcrafter
Baby Groot has a friend now ^_^ I made groot myself with polymer clay following a tutorial I found on YouTube by NerdEcrafter

Why not make your life a bit brighter with a little green? Now, I don’t mean by getting sick or having a run in with the Grinch (It isn’t the right season for him to be out and about anyway <3)
I love spring so much! Why? Because the cold is going away and flowers start popping up to play! (Yeah, I did that on purpose) And this year, I thought that I would give plants a try. I have always wanted a garden, but I think that will have to wait till I can get into a larger place with a bigger yard. So inside will so for now! I started out with some Forget Me Not's and now I have an adorable succulent called Crassula Argentea also known as (my favorite name) Hobbit :3
I decided to call him Bilbo ^_^
I also want to grow my own herbs, like lavender, rosemary, and mint! I think it would be so fun to have your own herbs and not spend a lot of $ to have them in your kitchen, seems way more natural!
There is something so refreshing about have a few plants on my window seal. I feel so calm and at peace when I take the time to admire my plants. They remind me to love nature and to "stop and smell the roses" when life can get so overwhelming and chaotic. Take time to enjoy the simple things, because the "simple things" can turn out to be so much more than just simple.
I also feel so inspired to draw whenever I see beautiful plants, maybe that is something I will do today…
Have an awesome Wednesday Climbers!
~Love, Bailey

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My World Wednesday: The Boho

Wow! It has been another super busy week! With work and with church activities and preparing to move! Finally I have a little bit of a breather along with time to catch up on Laundry and Updating my blog!
For today’s My World Wednesday, and in honor of Earth Day, I am stating that I am a Bohemian.

Found on bagnidalmondo.com via Pinterest
Found on bagnidalmondo.com via Pinterest

The reason I say that I am a Bohemian, is simply because I love everyone and everything. I love nature, I love animals, and I love people. We are all so unique in our own special way and it is truly amazing to see the hand of God in everything. I also have this deep, deep, DEEP desire to travel. Ever since I was little, my mom always has seen the free spirit that I have within me and the wanderlust that flies within my heart. It has never died. It is one of my mountains, not so much as a challenge that I face, but a goal I want to achieve. It is something that I am NOT ashamed of, because where I live, I am viewed as a little “weird” and it doesn’t bother me! Because I am okay with how I am 🙂
Don’t be afraid to show your true colors and let them fly!
See you soon Climbers! and Happy Earth Day!
~Love, Bailey

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My World Wednesday: Living Gamer’s Lives

Another My World Wednesday? Already? Hope you’re all prepared for this one, because it is pretty epic.

Found on Pinterest from 9gag. com
Found on Pinterest from 9gag. com

I am a gamer. I mostly play console and very rarely on PC. I do play with handheld though! I have a 2DS, DS Lite, and Game Boy SP, I did have a Game Boy Color when I was young, but I haven’t seen it for awhile (More than likely packed away.) Now, I am sharing this with you because gaming has been a very big part of my life. I have been playing video games ever since I was a tiny tot. My first system was the Sega Genesis, and the first game I played was Sonic the Hedgehog. Followed by the AMAZING N64 and played Super Mario 64. Because of gaming, I have been able to come out of my shell a little bit. I have been able to make amazing friends, learn from others, and it has been a good escape from bad days. I never would have guessed that it would lead me to the person I am today. Where I gained a lot of my creativity and a bit of it fueled my love for art. It has helped me climb some of my personal mountains throughout my life.
Now, this is only a glimpse into my little world. I can’t share with you all of my nerdy lifestyle yet, otherwise The My World Wednesday’s wouldn’t last too long. However, just be prepared for the nerdy-ness that will be entering this page 🙂 all in due timey-wimey. 😉 -Hope you caught that!-
Keep climbing your mountains! I believe in you! Happy Wednesday!
~Bailey :3

My World Wednesdays

My World Wednesday

Hello Dream Chasers!
For the first My World Wednesday, I am going to share with you a part of me that has been with me ever since I could pick up a pencil.
I am an artist.


It has never left me. Whenever something was bothering me, or whenever I needed to escape the world because of a bad day or an argument with someone I loved, I went to my sketchbook. I am also a writer, it too was an escape for me when I needed it. I still do to this day. Now, it art my passion and what I want to do for a career. I want to be an animator!
For years, when I said I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, I heard a lot of “Artists don’t make money” and “You’ll be starving.” But it never stopped me from drawing. Then there where those days, where I felt I was living in a broken dream, a foolish dream. Until I turned 18 and finally said, “I am going to be an artist. It is the gift that Heavenly Father gave me and I am meant to use it.”
I never ceased and I intend to keep it alive in me. Whether it is writing a short story or drawing a super hero, I am not giving up on it.
Dreamers, we all have a gift, some of us have several. Either way, use them, live them…
Found on helene971.blogspot. com
Found on helene971.blogspot. com

Keep dreaming ❤