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Shall I Falter, Or Shall I Finish?

Found via Pinterest via courtneyaitken.blogspot.com
Found via Pinterest via courtneyaitken.blogspot.com

Hello Climbers,
It has been a little while. A lot of things have happened in the course of a month that has been keeping me and my family busy. I got more hours at work, my family is preparing for a move, we have a family member in the hospital, and lost a family member as well. It has been a rough go. In this time of grief and sorrow, there has been a feeling of dread, misunderstanding, and abandonment throughout the home. I too have felt this and wondered “Why? Why our family? What have we done to deserve this?”

The answer is simply, “We haven’t done anything wrong, this is part of our plan, and it is up to us to decide, Will we falter? Or will we finish?”

I found this answer through prayer, scripture study, and through a message given by President Thomas S. Monson in October of 2013 General Confrence.
Heavenly Father has not punished us, instead, he is giving us more than we can handle so that we can fall to our knees, ask Him to help us, and become stronger in faith, stronger in spirit, and stronger in a world where Satan is running rampant. He loves us in ways we as mortal beings will never truly understand. Like in the story of Job. Job was a man of faith where he loved and feared God and hated the devil. Satan, being the cunning and deceitful being that he is, wanted to prove to Heavenly Father that Job did not love him and was just saying he did because of his fortune. Heavenly Father then stepped aside and let Satan into Job’s life to prove that Job did indeed love him and will never deny him.
Job lost his family and friends, lost his land, crops, and possesions. Satan then tempted him to “Curse God and die.”
Job then declared, “Behold, my witness is in heaven, and my record is on high.”
“I know that my redeemer liveth.”
Despite all that Job endured and suffered through, He knew that Heavenly Father loved him and that His Savior lives, he would not let Satan run his life and decide his fate.
I too will not let Satan into my head and drag me down with him, I have decided to Finish this trial. It will be hard. I understand this, but I will not let it be an excuse to falter from the testimony that I have and the truth that I know.
I will keeping fighting.

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Forget Me Not: Motivational Monday

Hello my Climbers, Happy Monday 🙂

Bought some Forget Me Not's. One of my most favorite flowers <3
Bought some Forget Me Not’s. One of my most favorite flowers ❤

Yesterday while I was in Church sitting in Sacrament meeting, I felt very impressed to listen to the talks given. I didn’t question the prompting I received and listened with an open mind and heart. The speakers gave talks on being diligent in scripture study, church attendance, and daily prayer. As I listened, one speaker said something very similar to this, “We are human. We create an image or situation in our head and we view it as perfect and then we say that “this” is what we want. But, we do not understand that everything is in Heavenly Father’s time, not ours.” I felt the tears well in my eyes. I have been trying to understand why I have been feeling that I have been stuck in a rut. I forgot that Heavenly Father already has a plan for me and it IS in his time. I just have to trust Him and be patient. Then I remembered a talk that President Uchtdorf gave four years ago in General Conference.

Here is a bit of the talk in a nutshell:

Found on Pinterest via curtisandash.blogspot.com
Found on Pinterest via curtisandash.blogspot.com

We are not Forgotten, we are so loved and so blessed in ways we will never fully understand. Just remember these little Forget Not’s and remember them always especially when you feel the weight of the world come in and when you see those beautiful little flowers.
Have an amazing Monday, Climbers.
Love, Bailey

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A Plan for Us All: Motivational Monday

Hello my fellow Mountain Climbers.
Today, I want to share with you my testimony on God’s Plan. We are children of Heavenly Father. Devine beings with a plan that he has picked out for us all. Our plans are meant and designed specifically for us, to where we can make our way back to heaven and live with our Heavenly Father once again.
Sometimes what we want is not what Heavenly Father has planned out for us, and it can be difficult to accept. Believe me, I know, but that just means that Heavenly Father has something better in store you.
Heavenly Father loves all his children, not a select few, but us all. We all saw him once, conversed with him once, and walked with him once. If we follow God’s Plan, we will walk, converse, and see him once again. He loves you all so much, in a way, we will never fully understand. We are not alone on this earth. He is here.
I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and know how special each and everyone of you are.
With love

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Difficult Times

These past few days have been pretty hard. Mostly it is trying to adjust to my new job! Long days standing on my feet with a not-so-great back and lifting heavy objects, it was taking a huge toll on me. Not just physically, but emotionally. I love the people that I work with, don’t get me wrong, but it is the stress that I am putting on myself. Okay, “Hi, my name is Bailey, and I am a perfectionist.”
Because of this, I push myself too far, beyond my own limits. It starts to break me down. Today, as I was going through one of these moments, My wonderful Mom showed me a quote from Elaine S. Dalton. “There is no more beautiful sight than a Young Woman who glows with the Spirit, who is confident and courageous because she is virtuous.” Satan wants nothing less than to make us feel like we are worthless and alone. When that is one of the most common lies we often feel. This is NOT TRUE! We always have Heavenly Father with us through our most difficult times and loves us with an infinite love.
Through our most difficult times to our not-so-difficult times, Heavenly Father is always there for us, we just have to put our trust un Him. Now, I feel better and I am able to pick myself back up and keep going. We are not alone in this fight, we are always being watched over. 🙂 Have a great day guys!