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Upcoming Trip!

Happy Thursday everyone!
Josh and I have a mini trip coming up on Friday and we both are getting ready for it today. We are heading down to Southern Utah for a baby blessing on Sunday! I am so excited on the account that we are going to be seeing my family again after 2 months. It isn’t a super long vacay however, but none the less!

At this moment, I am downloading a couple books to my tablet and waiting for some laundry to finish drying. I am so particular when it comes to making sure everything is clean before leaving. That way when I come back, everything is nice and not more to do when I get to unpacking.

I thought it would be kind fun to list what I like to take with me when I go on a trip!

  • Phone: I don’t think I need to list why I take it… So I can stay in touch with people so they know I am alright while traveling! Duh! Along with social media and news. 😉
  • Tablet: I download all my audio books to it along with my music!
  • Laptop: It is way easier to update my blog via Laptop, also in case I want to play some games!
  • doTERRA oils: I ALWAYS travel with my essential oils and oil blends. I don’t want to be without them if I have a panic attack or start to feel icky.
  • Book: I NEVER travel without taking a book with me.
  •  Sketchbook and Pencils: You never know when inspiration is going to strike. When an image comes to mind I want to draw, I am ready!

I will post a little more once I get the laundry done and can get things rolling! Mostly like what I am taking with me and a little Packing Segment..thing!


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Blood Type Diet?

Hey everyone! Long time, no post… Sorry about that! But let’s just swing right into it!

This is a topic that I learned about not too long ago.

Remember how I was taking the steps to eat and live Vegan’s diet? Believe it or not, I got sick, really sick. I was tired all the time, I felt like I was going to pass out, and I was moving at a snails pace. This began when I was about 2 weeks into the diet. I figured that it was just my body going through withdrawals, and that it would pass. It didn’t. I got sicker. I was having constant headaches (No matter what I did, from medicine to essential oils, these headaches did NOT go away), I began to sleep more and more, and I didn’t feel like doing anything, I just wanted to sleep. Then one day, I decided to eat some grilled chicken that my dad made, because I was too tired to make something to eat. A day later, I felt energy was restored and I woke up without a headache. I thought that this was really strange, because I thought that going Vegan would make me feel good, but it didn’t, I felt like I was withering away. (This was a few months ago)

Earlier this month, I was thinking back to this event. I happened to voice this to my family and wanted their input. My aunt then said, “Well, what’s your blood type?” I paused and answered, “I’m O-. Why?” She then told me that it may have something to do with my blood type. I am not lying when I say, I thought that it was kind of silly. It wasn’t so silly when my mom decided to go digging for herself.

It turns out that, Type O’s should be on a High Protein diet. It is said that Type O’s are the oldest of the blood types. This blood type goes to the first beings, The Hunters. This can also go into what kind of exercises you should do. Type O’s thrive on physical exercise like physical contact sports, running, and aerobics. When it comes to food, Type O’s should eat lean, organic meats, fruits, and veggies. And avoid dairy and gluten (whole wheat and grains in general) products. (Which makes me sad because I LOVE bread and milk) But it explains that when I drink milk, especially in the morning, I have serious discomfort where I feel bloated. But because of the gluten, it can cause major weight gain and difficulty when it comes to losing weight!

After hearing all this, it makes way more sense as to why I got so sick, and why losing weight has been such a struggle for me my whole life. So I have decided to give this a try. Want to see what is best for your blood type? Visit this is where my mom found the information and what I should do for my body. It will go into detail about your blood type and what you need to eat and not eat. Along with what exercise you should do for yourself!

Have a wonderful day and a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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Cold/Flu Season & A New Look

I love DoTerra Oils! Especially when  you need a fast acting remedy!
I love DoTerra Oils! Especially when you need a fast acting remedy!

One of my favorite months has arrived! I absolutely LOVE October, not only for Halloween (Favorite Holiday next to Christmas!) but because the leaves start to change and the air is crisp in the mornings. Also, it is becoming sweater weather ^_^.
However, it also means that the Flu and Cold bugs are out and about. Yeah… I kinda caught something. Luckily it is just a head cold, but none the less, it is trying to beat me down -.- (I blame Comic Con… all those people and there were a few people that were sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths…)
And with having a job, I don’t want to be down and out!
Then I remembered a time last year when I was stuck with a nasty cold. It was not bad like the Flu can be, but it was still a nasty thing. My parents are in with selling DoTerra oils and they suggested that I try Oregano oil in a capsule to see if it can help in putting it to an end. Since Tylenol wasn’t doing much, I thought why not?
I was back on my feet within 2-3 days. Along with taking the On Guard Protective Blend, I was able to keep from getting sick again when the bug ran through the family.
So here I am again! Back on this powerful regiment! I also just recently got my Flu Shot, but that won’t take effect until another week and a half. (Still sticking to the regiment! 1 On Guard and 1 Oregano capsule a day)

Also, I am going to be making a few changes on this blog, as you can see, I made the home page different! (Change is good!)
Since I want to take my health, physical and mental, to the next level, I wanted to be able to make my blog feel more like how I want to live. This means there will be more posts about how I’m taking steps to getting to my physical, mental, and spiritual goals. From inspirational quotes, activities I am doing, and ways I am finding inner peace and self discovery. I will still post about my unique quirks and nerdy habits, but there will be just more variety in posts!
Let’s have an amazing week my friends! See you later!

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On the Path to a New Life

Another weekend come and gone, in the blink of an eye. I tell you what after two long weeks of difficulties and trials, the days are starting to finally separate. And I am another step closer to becoming Vegan! (I can’t believe how hard it is to change your eating habits after 20 years of eating certain foods)
However, because the last two weeks have felt like a grueling and continuous day, the normal inner balance I felt, was way out-of-wack and did I need a recharge now more than ever.
This was when I thought that I would turn to meditation and see if this would help me gain balance back “In the force”. Although, I thought that I was going to need something a bit more deeper than a simple ten minute meditation. Then I remembered seeing something awhile back on Pinterest called Chakra Meditation.

"I AM" Chakra painting by: Dr. Laura Koniver found on Pinterest
“I AM” Chakra painting by: Dr. Laura Koniver found on Pinterest

I previously heard about Chakras from Avatar: The Last Airbender (Oh yeah, it is one of my favorite shows of ALL time :3) but at the time, I didn’t quite understand the true power that it holds. To be perfectly honest, I thought that it was something made up at the time (I learned the error of my ways, I am only human.)
After watching many YouTube videos and reading a few articles on Chakras, I thought that one day I would try it if I ever needed it.
Guess what? I needed it. Like I said, the last two weeks have been insane, and I was and still am, physically and emotionally tired. I needed to refocus. That’s when I downloaded a walkthrough on Cleansing Your Chakras and gave it a shot. I felt so relaxed and at peace, I thought I was going to fall asleep. (Try not to fall asleep during meditation, it is easy to do, but I don’t want you or me to meet someone from Texas who ends up teasing me about it) (Movie reference)
I came out of it feelings more focused, more confident, and at peace then I have in the past weeks, even before the last two weeks. I then decided that I would make meditations a part of my life on a regular basis. It will take some getting used to, but I am willing to work on it.
Starting tomorrow, I am going to begin the moving progress and help get things prepared for my family to move. My life is heading up a new mountain now, and I am excited to climb it 🙂

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Fitness Friday: Gangnam Cardio

Happy Friday Climbers!
Another week down! Hope you all had an amazing week and you made it to the top of one of your mountains!
For this weeks Fitness Friday, do you want to get your heart pumping hard and sweat like you ran 10 miles? I know you do. SO! Give this awesome video from Blogilates a shot!

I love it when Cassey makes videos like this! It makes working out fun and you get so much more out of it than sprinting on the treadmill (if you ask me anyway)
Have an awesome Friday and I will see you tomorrow! Be safe, be strong, and be YOU!

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Fitness Friday: Gentleman Challenge by Blogilates

TGIF! Woo! Another whole week down! Boy do I hurt today… I can barely stand from the workout I did yesterday, which is good!
For Fitness Friday, how about a favorite workout video? It is The Gentleman Challenge by Blogilates’ Cassey Ho. MAN! This work out seriously works your buns off!
Want to work your tricepts, back, gluts, and legs? Look no further!

Can you handle the burn?!
Give it a shot if you want 🙂
Have a very happy Friday mountain climbers!
~Love Bailey


It’s been a while…

Finally, after months of not posting to this blog, here I am! A lot has happened over the course of the rest of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. I left my job at a restaurant where I was very unhappy and went instead to work at a grocery store where I am more than happy to be! I have made an effort to stop drinking soda and take steps in becoming healthier, due to this, I feel so much better! I have been watching Blogilates by Cassey Ho on YouTube and following her work out videos daily! I am so excited to be working towards a better self! I also have been watching what I eat. I haven’t had a donut in a month (Halleluiah!) and instead replace sweets with fruit! It’s all about baby steps. I’ll do my best to keep this blog more up-to-date! Peace ❤