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Wanting to Wander

Today, just after I clocked out from another day at work, I was taking the time to admire the beautiful afternoon that we were graced with. I then felt this sense of Wanderlust.

From CafePress.com
From CafePress.com

Now in my “About Me” I said that I am kind of a hippie. I have learned in recent years, that my Mom’s has gypsy blood (it is way back in the blood lines somewhere) Due to this, I have always had this sense to wander. This is one of my dreams, I want to see the world. I want to see places like London, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Japan, and Korea. I have seen so many pictures of Big Ben and the Eifel Tower growing up, that I so badly want to see them in person. One day, I intend to make this dream a reality. As long as I go after my dream, I can one day catch it.
Always chase your dreams, no matter what. Even if someone tries to stop you or hold your back. They are your dreams for a reason, don’t let them die.
Keep dreaming!
<3~ Bailey