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Thrift Store Haul & Quick Thinking Dinner

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. This is why I love thrift stores, you never know what you’re going to find!
For me, I like going to look at clothes and books. Today was a clothes kind of day. I ended up finding 5 super cute pieces and I had to take pics!

Never know what you're going to find at the Thrift Store!
Never know what you’re going to find at the Thrift Store!

I was so happy to find some really comfy skirts and a pair of flowy pants (I’ve really been wanting another pair) along with two shirts to match them! Then the super cute sweater (I love fall for this reason!)
When I was finishing up, my brother grabbed me and said I needed to see something in the electronics. Once there, he pointed out this old looking cassette player that came with cords to plug in and a strap to carry of your shoulder. I grabbed it and couldn’t find a date on it anywhere! But it works so I bought it!
In love with this radio! Mug and spoon bought at a separate store :3
In love with this radio! Mug and spoon bought at a separate store :3

I then bought the bowl for my keys and the mug and spoon at an Asian store. The mug practically called my name due to the bunnies on it!
Once we where done there, we got a call from my Pop and he said that my brother and I were in charge for dinner.
We both sighed in frustration. Not in a fit because we were asked to do something! (We aren’t kids!) In the fact that we had NO IDEA what to make for dinner!
We then headed to Wal-Mart to find something. We came up with a pasta with Italian sausage and red cream sauce. With a side of Tomato & Mozzarella salad, complete with spinach, fresh oregano and basil, topped with extra virgin olive oil and pepper. It turned out fantastic!
Makin' dinner!
Makin’ dinner!

Not bad for pulling something out of our heads fast!
Now I am unwinding and getting ready to call it a night. I hope you all had a fantastic day and I will see you all later!
❤ ~ Bailey

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My Day In.. Sorta

Today was a stay home kind of day. I worked a graveyard last night and went to sleep at 6 this morning and woke up at 11-ish (I need black-out curtains.. and get over this cold!). Again, it was a stay in day. So I will take you with me on the adventure of being indoors.
To start off the day I made some tea and eased my scratchy throat and then made breakfast.

Spinach Omelet with grapes ^_^
Spinach Omelet with grapes ^_^

What do you get when you mix two eggs, cut up spinach, and mozzarella cheese? One heck of a yummy omelet! I sided it with some grapes and it hit the spot :3 I then took my vitamins and “Cold Fighting Oils”.

After cleaning up the mess, I decided to clean my room and do some reorganizing, dusting, and getting some good vibes going on with burning incense. After this all, I started to feel the “need” to munch on something. Instead I grabbed some water, put a few drops of Lemon essential oil and sip on it. Then about an hour later, I decided to have a snack.


I cut up an apple, sprinkled cinnamon on the slices and put a dollop of peanut butter on the side drizzled with honey. I kid you not, the taste oddly reminded me of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This held me over for about an hour and a half till I was ready to eat lunch. And boy, did I need something soothing for my throat.
Ramen. My Go-To comfort food ^_^ Making lists for Wednesday!
Ramen. My Go-To comfort food ^_^ Making lists for Wednesday!

Ramen was my childhood dish of choice, whenever I went to my grandmas, she would make me ramen for lunch! (Ah.. Memories <3)
I put an egg in it for more protein (drinking plenty of water to balance it out! I swear!) and topped it with green onions. During lunch, I made a shopping list on the account that I have a few things I need to pick up on Wednesday.
I then spent most of the afternoon relaxing, and staring at Pinterest. (I don't have a problem) Before I knew it, dinner was just about ready… but there was a few things missing to complete the meal. So my Mom asked if I would run to the store and pick up the missing essentials. I said sure, threw on my most comfiest clothes and headed to the store. After fighting threw the zombie apocalypse of cars and people, I made it back home and helped finish off the dinner.
Ciabatta sandwich and new recipes!
With no added dressing, I had a super yummy Ciabatta Sandwich with avocado, tomato, lettuce, and pastrami! After this, I decided to make a recipe book for things either I have made and loved or things I want to try!
And I just got back from the gym and cannot feel my legs. Yeah. There is that!
But there you go! My day inside! It was nice while it lasted. Sometimes, you do need a day in. Have no serious plans, no rush, no where to be. Just to be here, in the moment. It was a nice breath of fresh air.
Now, I am going to play a little bit of Skyrim and get some sleep. There is another very busy day tomorrow!
I’ll see you all then!
-Bailey ❤

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Salt Lake Comic Con: Day 1: Opening Day!!!

GEEKS ASSEMBLE! It is the first day for SLCC! I am beyond excited! There is so much to do! This is like a vacation for me! XD

Day 1 outfit! Make Pasta Not War! Hetalia! I got it at HotTopic and the Necklace is Russia! A charm I got from a keychain ^_^
Day 1 outfit! Make Pasta Not War! Hetalia! I got it at HotTopic and the Necklace is Russia! A charm I got from a keychain ^_^

I am showing off my Hetalia Pride for the first day and I have also pulled together a Salt Lake Comic Con Pack for surviving the Con 🙂 I also made that Prussia Mochi, why? Because PRUSSIA IS AWESOME!

My personal SLCC survival pack!
My personal SLCC survival pack!

1. Backpack! For carrying my goods and for any merch I buy over the next three days!
2.Kindle/Tablet! Necessary if I need to pass the time by playing FNaF4. (Five Nights at Freddy’s 4)
3. Manga! I like to read, what can I say? If I don’t want to play a game, I’ll read!
4. Wallet! Need the coin for goods, wears, and transport!
5. Power Supply! If I cant find a wall socket, I’ll be thankful to have the portable power supply for emergency phone/ipod charging!
6.Phone/Ipod! For contacts (Never know if you make a new friend!) and music to help pass the time!
7. Guide! To know times for panels!
8. Headphones! Always carry a back up pair! For music!
9. Water Bottle! Need the H2O when you are constantly walking and hot days! Stay Hydrated!
10. Pass/Ticket! You need this more than anything if you wish to enter the Con!
11. Keys! For your car. And to get back into your house… Those are just as important!

This is just the first post for many more to come over the next three days! I am so excited!
See you all soon!

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A Nice Break

Reading The Way of Kings by: Brandon Sanderson. Made this bookmark! Found this on Pinterest Via Tumblr on Queen of RusAme's page
Reading The Way of Kings by: Brandon Sanderson. Made this pic a bookmark! Found this on Pinterest Via Tumblr on Queen of RusAme’s page

After working two graveyards and forgetting what day it is, it feels so nice to do absolutely nothing. How often do we forget to just be still? I see fully once again how easy it is to keep going and going without taking any time to be still for awhile and refocus our lives. Not only that, to appreciate the things that we love and often take for granted.
I was more than happy to curl up reading a book and get a little crafty with making a bookmark from one of my most favorite Anime shows and Manga series, Hetalia! (created by Himaruya Hidekaz) It is beyond hilarious with stereotypical personified countries! (I’ll do an Anime/Manga post in the future I’m sure!)
It is still a struggle trying to get used to graveyard shifts and trying to get some gym time in. Hopefully it will get easier!
I am so grateful that I have the night off where I can get some family time and sleep time in! I hope you all are doing well and are having an awesome weekend!

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Enjoying a Day Off!

Yesterday, I got to enjoy my day off! Where I work, we are open pretty much all week long, except on Mondays (I’ll do a job post later ^_^). Which makes it my Saturday! I was FINALLY able to get my laundry caught up, clean my room, organize my collection of books, and enjoy the rest of day with my family by running a few errands and having the chance to engorge ourselves in Chinese food!My Favs
After words, we finished our running around and made our way home. I love having the opportunity to spend time with my family. Sometimes, we forget how important family really is. I am not one to go out at night, I prefer to have a ‘night in’ over a ‘night out’. So to complete my day off, I played a video game. (Yes, I am a gamer!)
I love days off!

Bailey ❤