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Enjoying a Day Off!

Yesterday, I got to enjoy my day off! Where I work, we are open pretty much all week long, except on Mondays (I’ll do a job post later ^_^). Which makes it my Saturday! I was FINALLY able to get my laundry caught up, clean my room, organize my collection of books, and enjoy the rest of day with my family by running a few errands and having the chance to engorge ourselves in Chinese food!My Favs
After words, we finished our running around and made our way home. I love having the opportunity to spend time with my family. Sometimes, we forget how important family really is. I am not one to go out at night, I prefer to have a ‘night in’ over a ‘night out’. So to complete my day off, I played a video game. (Yes, I am a gamer!)
I love days off!

Bailey ❤