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Upcoming Trip!

Happy Thursday everyone!
Josh and I have a mini trip coming up on Friday and we both are getting ready for it today. We are heading down to Southern Utah for a baby blessing on Sunday! I am so excited on the account that we are going to be seeing my family again after 2 months. It isn’t a super long vacay however, but none the less!

At this moment, I am downloading a couple books to my tablet and waiting for some laundry to finish drying. I am so particular when it comes to making sure everything is clean before leaving. That way when I come back, everything is nice and not more to do when I get to unpacking.

I thought it would be kind fun to list what I like to take with me when I go on a trip!

  • Phone: I don’t think I need to list why I take it… So I can stay in touch with people so they know I am alright while traveling! Duh! Along with social media and news. 😉
  • Tablet: I download all my audio books to it along with my music!
  • Laptop: It is way easier to update my blog via Laptop, also in case I want to play some games!
  • doTERRA oils: I ALWAYS travel with my essential oils and oil blends. I don’t want to be without them if I have a panic attack or start to feel icky.
  • Book: I NEVER travel without taking a book with me.
  •  Sketchbook and Pencils: You never know when inspiration is going to strike. When an image comes to mind I want to draw, I am ready!

I will post a little more once I get the laundry done and can get things rolling! Mostly like what I am taking with me and a little Packing Segment..thing!



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