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Cold/Flu Season & A New Look

I love DoTerra Oils! Especially when  you need a fast acting remedy!
I love DoTerra Oils! Especially when you need a fast acting remedy!

One of my favorite months has arrived! I absolutely LOVE October, not only for Halloween (Favorite Holiday next to Christmas!) but because the leaves start to change and the air is crisp in the mornings. Also, it is becoming sweater weather ^_^.
However, it also means that the Flu and Cold bugs are out and about. Yeah… I kinda caught something. Luckily it is just a head cold, but none the less, it is trying to beat me down -.- (I blame Comic Con… all those people and there were a few people that were sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths…)
And with having a job, I don’t want to be down and out!
Then I remembered a time last year when I was stuck with a nasty cold. It was not bad like the Flu can be, but it was still a nasty thing. My parents are in with selling DoTerra oils and they suggested that I try Oregano oil in a capsule to see if it can help in putting it to an end. Since Tylenol wasn’t doing much, I thought why not?
I was back on my feet within 2-3 days. Along with taking the On Guard Protective Blend, I was able to keep from getting sick again when the bug ran through the family.
So here I am again! Back on this powerful regiment! I also just recently got my Flu Shot, but that won’t take effect until another week and a half. (Still sticking to the regiment! 1 On Guard and 1 Oregano capsule a day)

Also, I am going to be making a few changes on this blog, as you can see, I made the home page different! (Change is good!)
Since I want to take my health, physical and mental, to the next level, I wanted to be able to make my blog feel more like how I want to live. This means there will be more posts about how I’m taking steps to getting to my physical, mental, and spiritual goals. From inspirational quotes, activities I am doing, and ways I am finding inner peace and self discovery. I will still post about my unique quirks and nerdy habits, but there will be just more variety in posts!
Let’s have an amazing week my friends! See you later!


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